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Automatic LED Stair Lighting

Power DC12V, Steps stair 4-х to 21.,Max load Power one steps - 4.8 W.

Stock! We offer free international shipping with a standard registered package.


The controller is designed for the automatic stair lighting using low-power LED light sources. One controller is able to provide coverage of from 4 to 21 stages. The controllers have the ability to enable consistent, which allows to increase the possible number of steps almost to infinity. The system provides a flexible configuration for any customer requirements. The controller can be used in conjunction with a light sensor, or without it, with passage switches simple pyroelectric (infrared) and digital sensors to ensure smooth movement series circuit when the signal from the sensors in the direction of movement of people included on the ladder. Or with dual sensors Veda count of persons on the stairs, considering the number of people entered and emerged, providing a staircase lighting as long as people are on the steps. The controller has a customizable interface and intuitive settings available. Easy to install.

 The controller is made in a plastic case that can be mounted on DIN-rail or attached to the surface by means of screws or screws. (see photo)

The main advantages of the system.

1. Small body size and its convenient mounting on DIN-rail in standard

wiring embedded and external boxes.

2. Digital motion sensors in the standard wiring boxes.

3. External light sensor allows you to choose the installation location with a constant light level is not dependent on or off lighting stairs or more light sources.

4. Easy and intuitive customization system.

5. Adjustable "light duty" first and last steps of a ladder.

6. Ability to connect through passage switch for lighting control at any time, regardless of the lighting conditions.

7. Low power consumption.

8. Long service life of LED light sources (tape or spotlights).

9. Easy installation and operation. 

When used in the controller mode to 4 motion sensors.

The algorithm of the system

When passing through the outdoor sensor is cocked timer to 2 seconds. If during this time will be the perfect passage of the second internal sensor, the controller will start to soft start the steps in the direction of movement and count of the number of people on the stairs will increase by one. In the reverse passage of the sensors by the internal controller in the same way it fulfills arming timer internal sensor for 2 seconds. and during the passage of the outer counter subtracts from the number of people in the unit upstairs. If the charging of the sensor for 2 seconds will not trigger the second the timer is reset and the sensors again go into standby mode. When people on stairs counter is zero, will turn off smooth sequential steps in the direction of a person's passage from one or both sides, depending on the direction of movement. If, after the entrance to the staircase, for whatever reasons, thio output counter does not work, or the person does not leave the ladder, the timer is turned specified in claim 5 settings. After this time, the staircase lighting will be switched off on the same algorithm, and the counters of people on the stairs reset regardless of whether people have left the stairs or not. The waiting time can be set large enough, that would negate the ability to stay on the dark stairs. It is not recommended to set the time on a lot more of the required for the passage of the stairs.


When used in the mode controller 2 motion sensors.

If the controller is used in mode 2 sensors (settings specified in claim 7), then the following algorithm works. When motion is detected the backlight in the direction of human movement. Those. triggered by the sensor to the opposite. If in the process of moving when not fully backlight load sensor on the opposite side - is turned counter lights in the direction of movement of another person logged on to the ladder. After the staircase turns completely switched standby timer (specified in the Settings menu to claim 5), after which the backlight turns off smoothly stages in the same order.


Using a light sensor.

The controller can be used as a light sensor and without it. When connected to the controller light sensor should activate its use (claim 1. Setting) or deactivated when not using the sensor. The sensor should be installed in such a place that it would not be reached by light from indoor lighting and the lighting levels themselves. Digital sensor delivers a logic controller port 0 when the lighting is not sufficient or logical unit if the light level is less than the set limit. When the lighting is activated by light duty first and last stages and the controller is allowed to turn on the backlight levels for the signals from motion sensors depending on the selected algorithm (see. Above). When driving on the stairs when the backlight is switched on or suddenly steps onto the sensor light gets brighter light controller activation threshold - the staircase lights and duty levels off and the controller will go into standby mode. Job motion sensors and processing of people on the stairs counters maintained even when the lights on the signal light sensor is not implemented.



1. The number of channels (the number of connected steps) minimum - 4 pcs.
                                                   maximum - 21 pcs.
2. DC supply voltage of 12 V.
3. The maximum current load on channel 1 (step 1) 0.4A (4,8Vt)
4. pyroelectric sensing elements
                                digital sensors, 
                               digital photo sensor
5. Power Digital Sensor Inputs: DC 5V
6. Protection Ip22
7. Ambient temperature -5 ... + 50`C
8. Controller Case Dimensions 115x90x41 mm
9. Controller Power Consumption
standby time (up to): 0,3Vt.
10. Power consumption controller under load (max): 3,5Vt.
11. The maximum total allowable load capacity (max): 58 watts.